Spitzer String Hybrid Inverter

Key Features:

Excellent Performance
• Maximum efficiency 98.0%, battery efficiency 94.5%
• Maximum 15kW PV input power, continuously 10% output overload
• Maximum Charge/Discharge current 210A
• Large MPPT current, compatible with high-power solar panels
• Advanced parallel function
High Reliability
• Key components from international famous brands
• IP65 protection rating, good adaptability to complex outdoor environment
• Multiple protections built-in, AFCI, RSD
Safe & Reliable
 • Standard Warranty (5 yrs) Extended (10 yrs)
• Passed UL1699B, IEEE1547, SRD V2.0, UL1741 SB, CEC, UL9540

Technical Specifications:

AC (Alternating Current) Output:
Input (PV - Photovoltaic):
Communication Interface:
Output (Back-up)
General Data
Display and Communication
Display and Communication