Spitzer Modular Battery
Safe & Reliable
Economical & Efficient
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10 Years
Savings Optimization
Key Features
Safe & Reliable
Reliable lithium iron phosphate battery technology.
Rigorously tested; UL 1973, UL 9540, UL9540A certified.
Warranty: 10 years (optional extended warranty available).
Economical & Efficient
Self-Consumption: Utilize your own PV energy to the fullest.
Savings Optimization: Avoid peak time-of-use rates (TOU).
Emergency Backup: Securely power your home even when the grid is down.
Technical Specifications

Battery Size
5.12 kWh (100Ah)

Cell Type
Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePo4)

Voltage Range
47.5V - 58V

Maximum Continuous Charge/Discharge Rate
50A (2.56 kW DC)

Peak Discharge Rate
102A (5.22 kW @ 15s)

Round-Trip Efficiency
≥ 95%

Communication Protocol
RS232, RS485, CAN

Cycle Life
≥ 6000 cycles

Maximum Allowed Modules in One Parallel
8 pcs (41 kWh)

Maximun Parallel
6 Groups (245.76 kWh) in a system w/ a Hub

UL9540, UL9540A, UL1973, SGIP, CEC


Unit Dimension (L*W*H)
17.32 * 24.41 * 4.61 inches

Unit Weight
112.5 lbs

Storage Temperature
< 1 month: -4°F ~ 131°F | 1 - 3

32°F ~ 95°F | 3 - 12 months: 68°F ~ 77°F

Sustainable Engineering
Empowering Your Solar Solutions
Affordable, cutting-edge technology for comprehensive solar energy solutions. From Residential peak-shifting to emergency
Commercial backup, Spitzer has you covered.
Self-Consumption, Made Simple
Reliable Our batteries meet top UL and ETL
standards and come with a 10-year
extendable warranty on both our battery
and inverter.
Flexible Our modular battery system, stackable
up to 280 KWh, is compatible with both
DC & AC solar systems. Offering flexible
indoor & outdoor solutions, including
wall-mounted rack options.
Affordable Our system offers three work modes for
cost-efficiency: Self-Consumption of
your PV energy, Savings Optimization to
dodge peak rates, and an Emergency
Backup for power outages.⠀