Spitzer Split-Phase Hybrid Inverter
Safe & Reliable
Economical & Efficient
Friendly & Flexible
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Load capacity
Parallel state charging
Key Features
Safe & Reliable
Compliant with UL 1741:2021, IEEE 1547.1, and UL1699B standards
Economical & Efficient
Enables parallel connections between multiple machines
Allows for shared battery packs across multiple machines with a single-machine load capacity of 100A
Friendly & Flexible
Features parallel State-of-Charge (SOC) equalization and current sharing controls
Utilizes a transformer-less, split-phase topology for enhanced efficiency
Allows for simultaneous use of grid power and diesel generators.
Technical Specifications



AC (Alternating Current) Output

Rated Output Power (kVA - KiloVolt Amperes)
8 | 10

Max. Apparent Power (kVA)
8.8 | 11

Max. Output Current (A - Amperes)  
36.7 | 45.8

AC Output Voltage (V - Volts) 
120/240 (split phase), 208 (2/3 phase), 240 (single phase)

Frequency (Hz - Hertz)  

PF (Power Factor)   
0.8 lagging - 0.8 leading

THDi (Total Harmonic Distortion, current)
< 3%

AC Output Topology
Split phase, 2/3 phase, single phase

Input (PV - Photovoltaic)

Rated Output Power (kVA - KiloVolt Amperes)   
12 | 13

Max. Apparent Power (kVA)  

Max. Output Current (A - Amperes)  
120 ~ 500

AC Output Voltage (V - Volts) 

Frequency (Hz - Hertz)  


Battery Voltage Range (V)
40 ~ 58

Max. Charging Voltage (V)

Max. Charge/Discharge Current (A)
190/190 | 190/210

Battery Type
Lithium / Lead-acid

Communication Interface

CAN (Controller Area Network)/RS485
(Recommended Standard 485)

EPS (Emergency Power Supply) Output

Rated Power (kVA)
10 | 8

Rated Output Voltage (V)
120/240 (split phase), 208 (2/3 phase), 240 (single phase)

Rated Output Current (A)
36.7 | 45.8

Rated Frequency (Hz)

Automatic Switching Time (ms - milliseconds)
< 20

THDu (Total Harmonic Distortion, voltage)
< 2%

General Data

Max. Efficiency
≥ 98.2%

CEC (California Energy Commission) Efficiency
≥ 97.2%

Ingress Protection
IP65/NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) 3R

Noise Emission (dB - decibels)
< 29

Operation Temperature (℃ - Celsius)
-25 ~ 60 (Derating above 45)

Operation Altitude (m - meters)
2,000 (Derating above 2,000)

Dimensions (W * D * H in mm)
460 * 225 * 760

Weight (kg - kilograms)

Display and Communication

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)/Touch screen


UL1741, CSA C22.2 No. 107.1:16, UL1998

EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility)
FCC (Federal Communications Commission) Part 15, Class B

IEEE1547, CPUC (California Public Utilities Commission) Rule 21, SRD (Scientific Research and Development) V2.0, UL1741 SA, UL1741 SB, DC (Direct Current) ARC-Fault UL1699B

Sustainable Engineering
Empowering Your Solar Solutions
Affordable, cutting-edge technology for comprehensive solar energy solutions. From Residential peak-shifting to emergency
Commercial backup, Spitzer has you covered.
Self-Consumption, Made Simple
Reliable Our batteries meet top UL and ETL
standards and come with a 10-year
extendable warranty on both our battery
and inverter.
Flexible Our modular battery system, stackable
up to 280 KWh, is compatible with both
DC & AC solar systems. Offering flexible
indoor & outdoor solutions, including
wall-mounted rack options.
Affordable Our system offers three work modes for
cost-efficiency: Self-Consumption of
your PV energy, Savings Optimization to
dodge peak rates, and an Emergency
Backup for power outages.⠀